Leave A Mark


Nothing more, nothing less, let them see whom they loved. 

As I begin to prepare the special day of my life, I was luckily, a part of an organizing committee for a national convention for professionals. It was obvious that I worked with the pros and one of which I acknowledge as my events mentor. He was behind a lot of successful massive gatherings, not to mention he is an Architect too. That is why I look up to his skills and great passion in what he does. So, the first question I heard from him was, “What is your wedding theme?” oh yes, haven’t thought of that yet. My mind played a quick flashback about my Dreamy Childhood Wedding… Continue reading “Leave A Mark”



Included in our budget was just the wedding itself. We never looked forward for a honeymoon vacation, until the best surprise arrived. Here’s that story. There were countless blessings that came as well, which made our vacation even better. And so, the excitement went from the wedding day until the day of our flight!

You’ll be snatched for more than a minute today.
Enjoy reading!

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Delayed Gratification


I am a home buddy because of several reasons, one of the most obvious is that I have strict parents. Period. And so, I just let those opportunities to “see the world” pass. Something changed me, just weeks ago, I realized the value of waiting and reminded me about the famous saying…

“Good things come to those who wait.”
But what came was way better…

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Keep A Happy Heart

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Planning for a wedding is never easy. 
Just keep this in mind, you have one shot to make that dream come to life so be prepared and enjoy the journey.

Ral and I got engaged last March 1, 2015. It was a very simple engagement, very Ral. After that blissful moment we planned to get married after a year, March of 2016. At the back of my head, I can still wee around, I have plenty of time. Yet something came up, we need to reschedule the wedding… (panic level 3) …earlier, the same year (panic level 8.5). 

The wedding was rescheduled December 12, 2015, yes 2015, and we rescheduled it last April, so yes only 8 months to prepare. I have been reading wedding blogs and found out that it usually takes a year or more to prepare the huge event of your life. You can only imagine how worried we were, mostly I was.

Do not panic!!!
Those 8 months were enough, I even thought it was a precise schedule. 

God is faithful to those who trust Him. Have faith.

And so as a bride, I made a list of what I have experienced, which I thought you would too. Remember to worry less and enjoy more, keep a happy heart. I hope these would help.

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In Your Hands

08-28-15 CARE 2

Moms make it hard to leave home.

One Pinoy saying that I once believed was “mahirap magpalaki ng matatanda”, (it’s hard to raise the elderly) most especially when it applies to your parents. Suddenly, roles switch, we are now held responsible to take care of them. Nevertheless, they are still the experts and will always be the best. Just like my Mom, a master to the noblest profession, being a mother.

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No Fear

LIVE 08-26-15

“Una vida con medio es como la vida medias.”
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.

Imagine a life already written, printed and bounded, a life you already knew, a life you can control, it was the life I wanted back then. I am guilty of being a control freak. I liked to live my life the way I wanted and liked it even more when everyone goes my way. It was how I liked it but I never loved it. All the anxiety, pressure, and panic did a lot to get the job done but it never did any good to myself, and sometimes even to the people around me. It was a leap of faith that brought me courage and just live how God wanted it to be, how?

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